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  • However, the register must also list any person who had been a director indefinitely.
  • So while normal people can live indefinitely in theory, most choose not to.
  • Under current law they will remain at present levels indefinitely.
  • However, some skills have two or more uses and other skills can be used indefinitely.
  • A human being is thus composed of indefinitely many occasions of experience.
  • Once started, it would continue to run indefinitely, but might not start again if powered down.
  • However, its service life has been extended indefinitely until the airstrip is completed.
  • It has since been put on hold indefinitely due to market research results and game engine instability.
  • This means that a single game can, in theory, run indefinitely.
  • Gameplay at this level can continue indefinitely, but losing all lives means game over.
  • These points may generate enemies indefinitely, or only up to a certain number.
  • They proposed an exchange for the opportunity to keep the books indefinitely, but Russia refused.
  • These pay interest, either for a fixed period or indefinitely.
  • The game may continue indefinitely or end when someone gets a certain number of spots.
  • Such a program could be left to run indefinitely.
  • However financial problems meant that the film was soon after indefinitely postponed.
  • Shortly after this session the project was put on hold indefinitely.
  • This has extended the useful life of many core legacy systems indefinitely, no matter what language they originally used.
  • Wins and losses were not recorded, and the player could continue playing indefinitely until all other teams were defeated.
  • Mushrooms can then be used as fresh, and will last indefinitely as dry.
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Synonyms of indefinitely

Meaning of indefinitely

  • adverb To an indefinite extent; for an indefinite time
    this could go on indefinitely