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  • Indeed, he had played a major role in the changes that had happened across society.
  • Indeed, for a time, he was more popular outside of Japan than inside.
  • For the above set of rules this is indeed the case.
  • Influence indeed spread out from Paris, but few new ideas came in.
  • I did, indeed, believe that some good might come of the new rulers.
  • This shows that the labour force is indeed largely made up of middle-aged workers.
  • Indeed these last two series were designed specifically for international distribution.
  • If indeed an answer comes, the time and place it comes is considered random.
  • Indeed one of the alternative names for the region was the Slave Coast.
  • Indeed, many town centre buildings are built of 'castle stone'.
  • Indeed, such methods may be the only notion of proof a culture has.
  • The actual rules of the game are indeed extremely simple.
  • The rule of traditional authorities was indeed integrated more than before in the colonial administration.
  • Sometimes a single action does indeed induce similar later action.
  • Indeed this might be the only means in which it could be built in a hostile environment.
  • Indeed, selection sort does one pass through the remaining items for each item moved.
  • Indeed, the Passion became a central theme in Christian art and music.
  • Indeed, a film's music is often released before the movie and helps increase the audience.
  • Indeed, these colours by themselves would not be called red by native speakers.
  • The country's role in the region, as indeed in the world at large, was shaped by trade.
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Meaning of indeed

  • adverb In truth (often tends to intensify)
    they said the car would break down and indeed it did, it is very cold indeed, was indeed grateful, indeed, the rain may still come, he did so do it!
  • adverb (used as an interjection) an expression of surprise or skepticism or irony etc.
    Wants to marry the butler? Indeed!