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  • They are incredibly hard to spot because of their size and color.
  • Some crew members were incredibly brave as they tried to fight the fire.
  • Like her previous albums, it sold incredibly well and captured numerous Chinese music awards.
  • During this time band was incredibly supported by their fans and friends all over the World.
  • The child, despite being incredibly small, is treated well by his parents.
  • They can still, however, cause god-like things to happen, and are incredibly powerful.
  • Suddenly, England only needed three off two - and were, incredibly, in a winning position again.
  • This is like a dream come true for me because it is such an incredibly beautiful piece of music.
  • The food industry as a complex whole requires an incredibly wide range of skills.
  • Though they still found the planet incredibly harsh, they never suffered such attacks.
  • At this point, after the second attack, the British position was incredibly weak.
  • He plays six characters in the film, all of which he said are "incredibly evil".
  • He was an incredibly pacey player who could play either at left back or left wing.
  • Their early live shows were incredibly dynamic, and very soon the band gained a dedicated live following.
  • All of the games are incredibly simple compared to the games of today or even the early 1980s.
  • Last year was an incredibly difficult year for me personally & I have decided to put my family first.
  • He spent two years there and became incredibly popular.
  • There's still some academic fiction out there, but it has an incredibly small audience.
  • They starred in many coming of age films together in some fashion and became incredibly popular without being musicians.
  • When he came back he was still, it seemed, the same incredibly easy pedaller.
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Meaning of incredibly

  • adverb Not easy to believe
    behind you the coastal hills plunge to the incredibly blue sea backed by the Turkish mountains