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  • Info Increasingly is the first EP by the band 12012, released on April 28, 2004.
  • Access through a local number has become increasingly popular in recent years.
  • Thus, music could play an increasingly important role in daily life.
  • He has increasingly supported the development of local artists, arts education, and the arts scene.
  • This became increasingly common punishment for those who failed him in battle.
  • By this time, he had been increasingly thinking about the future.
  • In the post-Soviet era, mining has been an increasingly important economic activity.
  • Domestic and international services are increasingly available for private use.
  • Game theory has come to play an increasingly important role in logic and in computer science.
  • Other sports such as table tennis, basketball, and association football are becoming increasingly popular.
  • This philosophy has become an increasingly popular idea within present-day teacher preparatory programs.
  • Air Displays can be held during day or night with the latter becoming increasingly popular.
  • As the Internet has become increasingly important in global trade, the trade-show model has changed.
  • These primary industries are increasingly becoming less important to the overall economy.
  • Instead of personal duties, money increasingly became the common means to represent economic value in agriculture.
  • Global and regional environmental issues are increasingly the subject of international law.
  • This approach is being increasingly used to provide more precise location information.
  • In the late 1980s, dance music records made using only electronic instruments became increasingly popular.
  • English is increasingly spoken among the young and in the business sector.
  • Thus, materials science is becoming increasingly important in an engineer's education.
  • The Society of Friends became increasingly organized towards the end of the decade.
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Synonyms of increasingly

Meaning of increasingly

  • adverb Advancing in amount or intensity
    she became increasingly depressed