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  • A year has now passed, making the previous number of days to her arrival incorrect.
  • Even top players have made incorrect claims of a draw under this rule.
  • If an incorrect answer was revealed at any point, the team left with nothing.
  • The different value will be the incorrect value because the order of operation was not followed.
  • If the answer given is incorrect, then no other member of that team may give an answer.
  • In some cases, prior re-construction was found to be incorrect.
  • Initial information that Castle had been arrested was later shown to be incorrect.
  • It seems incorrect to describe such a mother's goal as self-interested.
  • More recent research however, has shown that this interpretation may be incorrect.
  • Then a second piece of news arrives that says the first was incorrect.
  • In fact, an incorrect number of stars had been a widespread problem for some time.
  • Whilst is only a conjunction, and so its use here would be incorrect.
  • If the next clock pulse comes before that, the results will be incorrect.
  • Since many of the details are classified, the public information may be incorrect.
  • These incorrect points can later be re-calculated e.g. from another closer reference point.
  • If the players reach an incorrect conclusion, then they both lose.
  • Thus it is possible that a future background check will return the incorrect criminal records.
  • Sometimes can be used in online banking when the site reports that the account number is incorrect.
  • Hence, it is very hard to prevent a distributed system from reaching an incorrect state.
  • The prison has an incorrect reputation for being escape-proof, due to both the buildings themselves and its physical location.
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Meaning of incorrect

  • adjective Not correct; not in conformity with fact or truth
    an incorrect calculation, the report in the paper is wrong, your information is wrong, the clock showed the wrong time, found themselves on the wrong road, based on the wrong assumptions