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  • Though others had taken up this idea, their research was short lived and inconclusive.
  • There is inconclusive evidence that a second Spanish ship may have also been taken.
  • The first round thus proved inconclusive, leading to a second round in the afternoon.
  • All of these were given in unusual circumstances and their results remained inconclusive.
  • An inconclusive action followed for about two hours in mid-afternoon.
  • The relationship with heart problems is inconclusive with a single study supporting an association.
  • Fighting around the east side of Lake Van continued throughout the summer but was inconclusive.
  • Several steps had been taken to develop women's football, but most of them ended up inconclusive.
  • As it did not settle the war the battle is most often called inconclusive.
  • It is hard to describe this series of actions as anything other than inconclusive.
  • Since data in one research path can be inconclusive, all three paths provide a better historical picture.
  • After a day of inconclusive fighting the operation was abandoned and British forces took control of the pass.
  • However, the outcome is sometimes described as inconclusive, because both sides initially claimed victory.
  • It noted that the local investigation by the local military authorities was inconclusive.
  • Faced with these inconclusive results, negotiations about the shape of the new government began.
  • This has been confirmed in animal studies, but studies in humans are inconclusive.
  • However, the true presence of a moon is still considered inconclusive.
  • All in all, the case for non-metal forms of armour remains inconclusive.
  • There remains negative, inconclusive or no evidence for any other condition.
  • Despite great slaughter on both sides, the battle appears to have been inconclusive.
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Meaning of inconclusive

  • adjective Not conclusive; not putting an end to doubt or question
    an inconclusive reply, inconclusive evidence, the inconclusive committee vote