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  • The thirty-four years that have followed have been for me years of incessant labor. Cited from Autobiography of Seventy Years, Vol. 1-2, by George Hoar
  • This incessant study at such an early period of life seems to have affected his health.
  • September 19th was the beginning of what was almost incessant work on the range. Cited from The Delta of the Triple Elevens, by William Elmer Bachman
  • During this time my practice at the lead was incessant, and I became very perfect. Cited from Poor Jack, by Frederick Marryat
  • No human being can exist in them without keeping in incessant and violent motion. Cited from In New Granada, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • During the day he was under incessant machine gun and shell fire.
  • It was best they should not stay home, subject to incessant interview. Cited from Lanier of the Cavalry, by Charles King
  • They set up camp in an abandoned village where they found shelter from the nearly incessant rain.
  • But the life of my soul is a life of incessant trouble. Cited from Santa Teresa, by Alexander Whyte
  • These men who remained in the rear kept up an incessant fire upon the enemy all the time they were standing there. Cited from Troublous Times in Canada, by John A. Macdonald
  • I could scarcely keep still myself, with the excitement of watching such incessant movement. Cited from Cat and Dog, by Julia Charlotte Maitland
  • The calls upon his time and strength had been incessant, and he did not know where or when to stop. Cited from The Crucifixion of Philip Strong, by Charles M. Sheldon
  • And he devoted a large part of his wealth and five years of incessant work to this end. Cited from Harvard Classics Volume 28, by Various
  • The Open was played in almost incessant rain and a cross wind.
  • Nevertheless he collected what men he could and repaired the bridge, under incessant fire.
  • For instance, in summer incessant days-long rains can begin after hot weather.
  • Incessant questions about whether and when he could play undoubtedly had some negative effect on the team.
  • Our lines are now in close contact and the fighting incessant, with a good deal of artillery.
  • The last five years of his life were only one incessant effort at protest, both by his example and his words. Cited from Life of St. Francis of Assisi, by Paul Sabatier
  • As it was nearly three hours of incessant struggle only served to pass the final barrier. Cited from The Forfeit, by Ridgwell Cullum
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