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  • It is thought she died after being incarcerated some time during the 19th century.
  • Those who were incarcerated lived a very hard life in conditions they were not used to.
  • Roger does not have any children because he has spent much of his life incarcerated.
  • He was incarcerated for seven months before being released without charge.
  • He refused to post bond for his release and remained incarcerated for two months.
  • At one time, all the men were incarcerated in the same death row.
  • This evidence was presented by his legal representatives as evidence of the development of his character while incarcerated.
  • In the United States, men are much more likely to be incarcerated than women.
  • This began when several prisoners brought the craft with them when they were incarcerated about twenty years ago.
  • His mother worked as many as four jobs at once to support the family while his father was incarcerated.
  • After being incarcerated a second time, she moderated her approach somewhat, upon her release.
  • In January of that year, he was arrested and incarcerated for three months.
  • He spent the next five months in prison and continued his literary endeavours while incarcerated.
  • The law was also widely used to incarcerate women at risk of being honor crime victims.
  • As he spent time incarcerated at the start of the case, he will not have to serve any time in prison.
  • The ninety days was cut in half because of labor performed while incarcerated.
  • The book ends after they are all dead or incarcerated.
  • The four last victims he admitted to only after being incarcerated.
  • There is only one cell, so it can only "incarcerate" just one or two people per night.
  • The most disquieting cases are those children who are forced into the trade and then incarcerated.
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Root form of incarcerated is incarcerate for the verb.

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