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  • He tries to get out of bed but is incapable of moving his body.
  • They are even incapable of turning around on a branch without using their wings.
  • Free-market economy is incapable of meeting the population's needs on its own.
  • He was removed both times when his superiors found him incapable of command.
  • In the 19th century, children younger than seven years old were believed incapable of crime.
  • If the mother is incapable, then the uncle takes over.
  • Workers were supposed to be incapable of understanding what they were doing.
  • Having no social experience themselves, they were incapable of appropriate social interaction.
  • He was incapable of playing one note insincerely; his music spoke from the soul.
  • We seem always to have been incapable even of taking a general view of the subject we were legislating upon.
  • Paul denies this and tells him that he is a good man incapable of murder.
  • This presented the public the idea that women were weak and incapable of defending themselves.
  • Reaching high speed requires energy which a human-powered vessel is incapable of producing.
  • Little children are considered both born without sin and incapable of committing sin.
  • Early had been dealt his most significant defeat, rendering his army almost incapable of future offensive action.
  • If he could not write, then he was illiterate and incapable of composition.
  • Despite being surrounded by food, they are incapable of feeding themselves.
  • Succession went strictly through the female line, men being seen as incapable of such responsibilities.
  • His wartime injuries left him permanently incapable of raising his arms above his head.
  • I must see you again, but I am incapable of bearing fetters.
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Meaning of incapable

  • adjective (followed by `of') lacking capacity or ability
    incapable of carrying a tune, he is incapable of understanding the matter, incapable of doing the work
  • adjective (followed by `of') not having the temperament or inclination for
    simply incapable of lying