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  • Both he and Rose inadvertently give away private details about themselves when passing it between them.
  • During another visit, he inadvertently reveals that they will be married in the future.
  • The idea of humans inadvertently caught up in an off-world civil war focused the story.
  • Many school children in the late 1990s inadvertently saw adult content via the website.
  • He describes his miserable life, inadvertently making them feel better about themselves.
  • B's value has now been inadvertently replaced by a number formed from part of the character string.
  • Ten men of the regiment were inadvertently left behind and captured.
  • He has thus inadvertently given himself a career, that of "speaker for the dead."
  • She inadvertently turned back toward them, however, and was quickly disabled when the battle resumed.
  • He had inadvertently given the British colonial masters an opportunity to silence him.
  • This has inadvertently led to an increased supply of these medications that is more easily available.
  • Occasionally they attack people who inadvertently approach too near to nests.
  • The player attempts to keep his distance, but is inadvertently injured.
  • Thus, he feels guilty throughout the novel for inadvertently causing her death.
  • But Americans must understand or they will inadvertently cause this to happen.
  • However we have had some feedback from customers who have inadvertently signed up.
  • A country may be acting deliberately or inadvertently, and through both official and private individuals and institutions.
  • Wenner has not only become known for his own body of work, he has inadvertently become the father of an art movement.
  • Among the facts inadvertently revealed to Will by his Master was the crew size: four individuals.
  • It is his party that is believed to have inadvertently introduced the black rat to the island.
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