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  • The full extent of his work has only been inadequately described until now.
  • Other places where knowledge of language is required are inadequately taken care of. Cited from A Librarian's Open Shelf, by Arthur E. Bostwick
  • The troops he had met on those occasions had generally been inadequately trained and led.
  • Horses were fed and maintained even more inadequately than in the previous year.
  • Research suggests that these events are often inadequately reported in publicly available reports.
  • The six appointed members represented important interests which were not represented or inadequately represented in the House.
  • Which shows yet again how inadequately causes and effects are appreciated here on earth. Cited from South Wind, by Norman Douglas
  • The nurse who somewhat inadequately supplied her place was having an afternoon off. Cited from The Tin Soldier, by Temple Bailey
  • That we do learn them, even inadequately, makes the glory and the wonder of man. Cited from Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man, Marie Conway Oemler
  • Other scholars, perhaps the majority, dispute these claims and find them inadequately supported by evidence.
  • It may have been inadequately learned, as in a foreign language.
  • Therefore it would seem that life is inadequately divided into active and contemplative. Cited from Summa Theologica, Part II-II (Secunda Secundae), by Thomas Aquinas
  • His words and actions do but inadequately reveal the being he is. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 2, No. 11, September, 1857, by Various
  • How inadequately it portrays it, none know so well as those who are immediately connected with it. Cited from The Bay State Monthly, Volume I. No. VI. June, 1884, by Various
  • The court held that it was irrelevant if the individual represented himself inadequately.
  • This, in turn, led to inadequately supported school districts and municipal services.
  • As the result of circumstances and traits she finds herself, despite her very good ability, inadequately meeting the world. Cited from Pathology of Lying, Etc. by William and Mary Healy
  • For the present it is pretty clear that the great problem of self-support had been very inadequately solved. Cited from Samuel Johnson, by Leslie Stephen
  • Perhaps only one or two of these organs are acting inadequately. Cited from Maintaining Health, by R. L. Alsaker
  • The set of motions mentioned can be only very inadequately described in print. Cited from Power Through Repose, by Annie Payson Call
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Meaning of inadequately

  • adverb In an inadequate manner or to an inadequate degree
    the temporary camps were inadequately equipped