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  • These can be used on all four legs but if wrapped improperly can cause damage.
  • Any oil-based product can get into the lungs if used improperly.
  • The term is sometimes (improperly) used to refer to any church of great size.
  • Careful study had revealed that the right arm had been improperly attached to the main structure.
  • Property determined to have been taken improperly must be returned within 30 business days.
  • The second possible reason is that some parts of the alarm system may be improperly installed.
  • However, the devices sold are said to be low in quality and may damage connected equipment if connected improperly.
  • The far side of the Moon is often improperly called the dark side of the Moon.
  • She is afraid that doing the rituals improperly might cause her a big trouble.
  • If a building is constructed improperly, it will heat the ground below resulting in a failure of the foundation system.
  • The committee found the elections improperly elected by non-residents.
  • He is never dressed improperly, is always up to date in his profession and well-educated.
  • However, a member of Australian unit reported one crew shot for behaving improperly.
  • It is often improperly used for a person or thing related to Afghanistan.
  • Brown confirmed receiving the check and denied she had used the money improperly.
  • An improperly installed automatic gate without proper safety devices may result in serious injury or death.
  • The judge held that the Church had acted improperly in bringing its suit so late in the day.
  • The sites, improperly constructed from the very beginning, have been abandoned by the industry long ago and remain in very poor condition.
  • Even land that is protected may be improperly managed, however.
  • The DoD has since stated that it removed all improperly kept data.
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Meaning of improperly

  • adverb In an improper way
    he checked whether the wound had healed improperly