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  • Info In English law, imprisonment is the restraint of a person's liberty.
  • She even continues to be a background character despite her later imprisonment.
  • People convicted under the act could face up to five years imprisonment.
  • As a French officer he was released from imprisonment and returned to France.
  • There he remained under what he considered to be imprisonment.
  • His wife visited him during his imprisonment in the Tower, but no other information about her has been found.
  • Her impending death may have caused her great sorrow for some time during her imprisonment.
  • A child's right to education is threatened by early marriage, child labour and imprisonment.
  • His father, who had a musical background, died the year before from health problems resulting from his imprisonment.
  • Imprisonment until the next term of court was often equivalent to a death sentence.
  • The letters were never made public to support her imprisonment and forced abdication.
  • The sound was also turned off when another defendant discussed early days of his imprisonment.
  • Black has written that his faith helped him endure his imprisonment in the United States.
  • He suffered several imprisonments during the remaining years of Charles's reign.
  • He attended the course on further occasions prior to imprisonment.
  • In a battle he was wounded and arrested and later sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Although he was not in jail for long and was soon released, his health suffered greatly during this imprisonment.
  • It increased the penalty to up to seven years imprisonment for both partners.
  • His imprisonment was postponed for five hours, during this time he was under house arrest.
  • However, his thoughts on religion significantly changed following his imprisonment.
  • Failing to do this can result in imprisonment for up to two years, without evidence of other criminal activity.
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Meaning of imprisonment

  • noun Putting someone in prison or in jail as lawful punishment
  • noun The act of confining someone in a prison (or as if in a prison)