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  • These reach about above sea level and provide impressive long-range high country views.
  • It has an impressive main building and an old garden full of beautiful trees.
  • These are often used to make the house appear more impressive.
  • While its height is not considered very impressive today, it was at that time.
  • The boy's basketball program has had an impressive winning record for many years.
  • There were many impressive performances in the game by players from both teams.
  • The impressive stone architecture of the building is set off by the surrounding park.
  • The city has some of the most impressive architecture in the area.
  • The resulting space is considered the most impressive element of the entire design.
  • So impressive seemed the transformation that eventually all his brothers changed their last name to match his.
  • The cape offers an impressive view of the island, both from land or sea.
  • His impressive performance at his club finally got results.
  • The funeral was one of the most impressive ever seen in that city.
  • He had another impressive performance for the team at the world hockey championships in the following year.
  • So impressive seemed the transformation that eventually all his brothers had changed their last name to match his.
  • During the season, both teams had shown impressive ball security.
  • There are also impressive churches all over the province, both built recently and during the Spanish era.
  • The film had impressive box office runs in many international markets.
  • Other children were named after impressive events or after parents' wishes for the future of the children.
  • This allowed him to perform impressive plays that have been highlighted throughout his career.
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Meaning of impressive

  • adjective Making a strong or vivid impression
    an impressive ceremony