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  • Most daily activities can become impractical, if not impossible, without a private vehicle.
  • It was long and only wide, making it impractical for larger vehicles to use.
  • Once people began to live together in large numbers, around five thousand years ago, such methods began to become impractical.
  • However the system was impractical and probably never actually used.
  • Additionally, the large constant factors involved in these results make them highly impractical.
  • From the table it can be seen that this is clearly impractical with current power sources.
  • Even organization at the county level had proved to be impractical.
  • These methods are generally too expensive or impractical for large-scale production.
  • It has been adopted in numerous schools where small class-size makes it effective, though it remains impractical for larger classes.
  • Full path coverage, of the type described above, is usually impractical or impossible.
  • In some cases this may be suitable; in others it may be impractical.
  • Over time the process has earned a misleading reputation for being simply too impractical.
  • Ice roads and winter roads are used where year-round roads are expensive or impractical.
  • The design idea was impractical, far ahead of what 18th century technology could achieve.
  • The studio considered releasing it in two parts, but eventually decided the idea was impractical.
  • Several impractical ideas were suggested, but no practical solution could be found.
  • In addition, in many circumstances it is impractical to ask subjects whether they are angry.
  • Additionally, the club's players were part-time, meaning that regular away matches would have been impractical.
  • However, it may be impractical for them to do so.
  • However, this is usually impractical unless live-stock are on-site.
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Meaning of impractical

  • adjective Not practical; not workable or not given to practical matters
    refloating the ship proved impractical because of the expense, he is intelligent but too impractical for commercial work, an impractical solution