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  • If time travel makes that watch possible, then time travel itself is impossible.
  • It is close to impossible to do so on a world scale.
  • His work did much to draw the attention of the public to impossible objects.
  • He kept writing short fiction but found it impossible to get published.
  • Even decades later, it is impossible to know the full truth of these events.
  • The tests were written in such a way to make them nearly impossible to pass.
  • But it is impossible for one to be responsible for the way one is in any respect.
  • Does this mean that it is in God's capacity to do impossible things?
  • In this view, time travel is impossible because there is no future or past to travel to.
  • But in some cases, they not only provide a challenge, but are considered next to impossible.
  • In the past, this was impossible in some areas along this important shipping route.
  • In Germany, the political situation made the creation of a national code of laws impossible.
  • This scheme makes it impossible to use more than four segments at once.
  • Similarly, it is impossible to have faith and scientific knowledge about the same thing.
  • There are many different ways to prove something is impossible.
  • When episodes were broadcast live, post production work was impossible.
  • And yet she found it well-nigh impossible to say that word. Cited from The Island of Faith, by Margaret E. Sangster
  • This means that it is impossible to create or destroy energy.
  • Mission: Impossible is noted for its format, which rarely changed throughout the series.
  • His policies would have been impossible without her support.
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Meaning of impossible

  • noun Something that cannot be done
    his assignment verged on the impossible
  • adjective Not capable of occurring or being accomplished or dealt with
    an impossible dream, an impossible situation