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  • This was an important issue for most earlier series of the show.
  • China was also an important center for agricultural technology development during this period.
  • We must trust the accused to make such an important decision for himself.
  • Island Life was considered a very important work at the time of its publication.
  • Studies however show that what is the most important is the surface area of the materials used.
  • The blue notes are also an important part of the sound.
  • Black was one of the most important colors used by ancient Greek artists.
  • A different kind of black was an important part of the romantic movement in literature.
  • He later considered this his most important work.
  • Wind speed and direction are very important for a successful throw.
  • It's a great place to work and it's a great company that does important work.
  • The military has played an important role in the history of Central African Republic.
  • This election was also important because new parties won several seats in Congress, more than ever.
  • The most important difference is in the code used for the end of a line of text.
  • Berlin is an important center in the European and German film industry.
  • It was also an important force in the Spanish Civil War.
  • Some other important names in this regard are UK and Italy.
  • Black Hand members held important army and government positions.
  • An important environmental issue is the lack of fresh water resources.
  • It is located within a former coal-mining region, and this fact was important in its economic history.
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Meaning of important

  • adjective Of great significance or value
    important people, the important questions of the day