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  • The girl touched his arm almost imperiously as he turned his head again. Cited from Winston of the Prairie, by Harold Bindloss
  • But after two days the call in the forest began to sound more imperiously than ever. Cited from The Call of the Wild, by Jack London
  • She held out her hand imperiously, and resistance to her will was impossible. Cited from The Mayor of Warwick, by Herbert M. Hopkins
  • He knew how imperiously it drove him, and he knew that she had felt its power too. Cited from The Blood of the Conquerors, by Harvey Fergusson
  • Thus imperiously called upon to act, they began to feel the necessity of decision. Cited from The Red Rover, by James Fenimore Cooper
  • He waved his hand imperiously toward the door and turned his back to them. Cited from Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia, by L. Muhlbach
  • "What did he say -- I want you to tell me?" he asked imperiously. Cited from Canoe Mates in Canada, by St. George Rathborne
  • I think that he ought not to have imposed himself upon her so imperiously. Cited from Mark Rutherford's Deliverance,by M. Rutherford
  • "You will not mention any thing about what happened here last night!" he said, imperiously. Cited from Napoleon And Blucher, by Louise Muhlbach
  • His voice rose imperiously as it pronounced the words that threw away his rule. Cited from Tristram of Blent, by Anthony Hope
  • Then she remembered who and what he was and imperiously lifted angry eyes to his. Cited from Castle Craneycrow, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • Not dead: her heart told her that imperiously from the first. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 10, No. 60, October 1862, by Various
  • From that day, her mind was possessed of a new idea that imperiously directed it. Cited from His Excellency the Minister, by Jules Claretie
  • Her eyes, clear now in the cold light, shone upon him imperiously. Cited from Lady Rose's Daughter, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • She stood imperiously before him, looking down at him. Cited from Princess Maritza, by Percy Brebner
  • Surely no generation needed them more imperiously than their own. Cited from South Wind, by Norman Douglas
  • "You saw something in the cards which you do not wish to tell me?" she said imperiously. Cited from The Chink in the Armour, by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  • "All" because the dark and imperiously handsome young man went along, too. Cited from Missy, by Dana Gatlin
  • But the terrible mechanism continued more imperiously than ever to drive his words back in his throat. Cited from Under Fire, by Henri Barbusse
  • All eyes turned immediately in the direction indicated so imperiously. Cited from In Search of the Castaways, by Jules Verne
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Meaning of imperiously

  • adverb In an imperious manner
    imperiously he cut her short