imperial bodyguard

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  • Originally, the term was probably applied to both private and imperial bodyguards.
  • In the late 10th century, a new unit of the imperial bodyguard formed.
  • The next day, units of the Imperial Bodyguard surrounded the principal military bases in the capital and took control of the radio station.
  • The Guard corps was about ten times the size of the Vanguard and Imperial Bodyguard.
  • He was a bishop, and, at the same time, commander of the imperial bodyguard, and the author of a little work on the fabric of the human body. Cited from Old-Time Makers of Medicine, by James J. Walsh
  • Informed of this exchange, the commander of the Imperial Bodyguard swore that he would protect the Emperor in his palace with his life.
  • Shotoku placed her imperial bodyguards under the command of Kurajimaro.
  • Constantius was an officer in the Roman army, part of the Emperor Aurelian's imperial bodyguard.
  • Only the imperial bodyguard, the Hetaireia, held firm, and their brave stand allowed Romanos, who was nearly captured himself, to escape.
  • Initially, under Augustus the Praetorian Guard was a kind of imperial bodyguard.
  • He eventually rose to the rank of secretary of the Imperial bodyguard, and, in 577 AD was appointed commander in chief of the army.
  • The 1st Division Imperial Bodyguard had primary responsibility for security in the North of the country including Eritrea.
  • Sweden trained the Imperial Bodyguard and India at one point contributed the majority of foreign-born schoolteachers in the Ethiopian educational system.
  • He was given a post in the Imperial Bodyguard and attached to the Chinese Bordered Yellow Banner.
  • After a few years at the Hager Fikir Theater, he joined the Imperial Bodyguard Band where he became a leading star singer.
  • In the winter of 602/603, he was made comes excubitorum, commander of the imperial bodyguard.
  • In 1960, the Imperial Bodyguard launched a coup attempt against the Emperor while he was on a state visit to Brazil.
  • This situation continued until emperor Trajan promoted his own bodyguard, the Equites Singulares, to imperial bodyguards.
  • Military appointments ranged from being a field marshal or chamberlain of the imperial bodyguard to a third class sergeant, corporal or a first or second class private.
  • Nicephorus's son, Stauracius, was carried to safety by the Imperial bodyguard after receiving a paralyzing wound to his neck.
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