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  • Before he could do any of these, however, he needed to win the impending provincial election.
  • She is asked to help develop technology that could gain the upper hand in the impending war.
  • Her impending death may have caused her great sorrow for some time during her imprisonment.
  • It will likely spread to other endemic areas across the world in the impending future.
  • In this last address, he announced his impending death and wished his congregation well.
  • The royal palace's message announced the impending birth of the couple's second child.
  • He was aware of his fate and impending death, yet stood by the Greek cause.
  • The girls visit their father, who signs the papers and comes to peace with his impending execution.
  • Early biographers have generally claimed that he left because of the impending revolution.
  • The couple's impending divorce ended any plans for the television show.
  • Instead, he states that the band members were as surprised as anyone when they learned of the impending release.
  • This out-of-court settlement stopped the impending judgment against STAR TV.
  • The success and impending release of the next album on a major-label, had the band feeling their first bit of pressure.
  • The French, having received word of an impending attack, had built up their defenses.
  • He wishes to capture the rebel band before the impending end of his term of office.
  • The impending introduction of new higher speed rakes may help address the issue.
  • Often the stock promoter will claim to have "inside" information about impending news.
  • Another issue McCartney faced around this time frame surrounded his impending solo album.
  • They are used for protection, they can whisper in your ear of impending danger.
  • During that time, the Earth would be dangerous, because of an impending disaster.
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Root form of impending is impend for the verb.

Meaning of impending

  • verb Be imminent or about to happen
    Changes are impending