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  • The centre of the old town consists of impeccably restored stone buildings and is largely car-free.
  • Lewis also made sure that the band was always dressed impeccably.
  • He was described as a three-year-old as being "one of the most impeccably bred horses in training".
  • His early verse is impeccably musical and rich in sound.
  • All the team worked very well and Diego Bruna did his job impeccably.
  • While each phrase is impeccably shaped, there is an overall thrust to each work that holds everything together.
  • Really, there's little to not like here if you enjoy Spanish-language pop/rock that is well written and impeccably produced.
  • Time magazine said that the album was "impeccably recorded."
  • Dennison was older than he looked, less impressed than he seemed, and clothed impeccably. Cited from The Brentons, by Anna Chapin Ray
  • He is often described as wearing formal evening clothes that are impeccably tailored.
  • He impressed observers before the race with his physical appearance and behaved impeccably.
  • He paces about the town in a constant state of drunkenness, though he remains impeccably dressed.
  • He described the episode as a "perfectly written, impeccably performed piece, generally enjoyable as a whole".
  • But her blue-and-white-striped dress was impeccably put on. Cited from Helen with the High Hand (2nd ed.), by Arnold Bennett
  • The Super League season started impeccably, Basel won the first thirteen matches straight off.
  • She sat quite alone, impeccably neat, even to her profile. Cited from The Confession, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • Despite the fact that the condition is inherited, it can occasionally arise even to animals with impeccably hip scored parents.
  • She is fast and formidable in a good blow while remaining impeccably mannered.
  • Sometimes they are a little bit controversial but in the main they have behaved themselves impeccably and they have changed the culture of the stadium.
  • For a patient to maintain consciousness, two important neurological components must function impeccably.
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Meaning of impeccably

  • adverb Flawlessly
    the film was impeccably authentic