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  • She turned impassively to the two who had followed her along the narrow passage. Cited from Four Max Carrados Detective Stories, by Ernest Bramah
  • But he whom I would thus hold safe remained standing impassively, making no attempt to escape. Cited from Tales of Destiny, by Edmund Mitchell
  • The boy turned his back to the rail and faced him impassively. Cited from Captivating Mary Carstairs, Henry Sydnor Harrison
  • She was standing impassively with set face; and at his glance she turned away to the window. Cited from The Hunt Ball Mystery, by William Magnay
  • He spoke impassively of the time, eight years before, when he had fallen by accident, in the winter. Cited from The Argosy, Vol. 51, No. 6, June 1891, ed. by Charles W. Wood
  • I set my lips, spread my palms wide against the wall and waited impassively. Cited from The Door Through Space, by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Then it shook its head slowly, and returned impassively to rest. Cited from The Field of Clover, by Laurence Housman
  • The doctor threw one thin leg over the other and stared impassively out the single window. Cited from Where the Trail Divides, by Will Lillibridge
  • "Do you understand what she says?" he asked slowly, impassively. Cited from The End of Her Honeymoon, by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  • I turned to my intended victim, and found him looking calmly and impassively at me. Cited from The Yeoman Adventurer, by George W. Gough
  • The old man, who still sat impassively on the beer-barrel, looked up. Cited from Innocent, by Marie Corelli
  • He goes to the front door and turns back to his mother who stands impassively at the hearth.
  • He stood erect and raised his voice, gazing the while impassively into the glass. Cited from The Return, by Walter de la Mare
  • They stood for a moment looking at each other impassively and then Amory turned and left the office. Cited from This Side of Paradise, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Jesus is perhaps the only one who impassively looks straight on at the observer.
  • She received the news so impassively, with such strange self-possession, that for a moment he was disappointed in her. Cited from The Rome Express, by Arthur Griffiths
  • Each one of those minutes he waited so impassively marked the rush of a year's memories. Cited from Ben Blair, by Will Lillibridge
  • He is not evil or malicious, but impassively records the death of all things.
  • How can you hold the cigar box so impassively, so single-mindedly? Cited from The Patient Observer, by Simeon Strunsky
  • She knew he would remain there, impassively waiting, so long as Akers was in the house. Cited from A Poor Wise Man, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
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Meaning of impassively

  • adverb In an impassive manner
    he submitted impassively to his arrest