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  • We had the immensest anticipations of the years and opportunities that lay before us. Cited from The New Machiavelli, by H. G. Wells
  • Ten poor men sleep in peace on one straw heap, as Saadi sings, But the immensest empire is too narrow for two kings. Cited from Toaster's Handbook, compiled by Peggy Edmund & Harold W. Williams
  • But immensest results, not only in politics, but in literature, poems, and sociology, are doubtless waiting yet unform'd in the future. Cited from Complete Prose Works, by Walt Whitman
  • At that very hour a world-tragedy was being enacted over the dark and turbulent ocean, and the immensest of Empires was sinking into the sea. Cited from The Lord of the Sea, by M. P. Shiel
  • He thought, foolish man, that the best thing he could possibly do for his dear child would be to give her the immensest pile of yellow, glistening coin that had ever been heaped together since the world was make. Cited from The Elson Readers, Book 5, by William H. Elson