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  • Art of Living is one such organization immensely popular all over the world.
  • They have performed all over the world and have released six immensely popular albums.
  • He has released many albums most of which have been immensely popular.
  • He was very popular during his career and became immensely rich.
  • It was an immensely popular pop album with over half a million sold.
  • This is strange since the song was immensely popular in their time.
  • There his movement grew immensely, and he is still associated with the town to this day.
  • They walk around on the ground as we do, though they are immensely more powerful than we are.
  • The book brought him little profit at first, but became immensely popular.
  • Despite all this, the album was immensely successful, becoming the band's fourth hit album.
  • This event is still held every year and is immensely popular.
  • His songs were immensely popular and he enjoyed regular radio play.
  • This drive became immensely popular in high-end gaming systems because of these features.
  • Though holding good within certain limits only, the law has been found to be immensely useful.
  • At the same time he immensely improved the mode of collection on his own.
  • It still remains an immensely popular place to eat, largely due to its central location on campus.
  • He has an immensely powerful ray gun that can kill all normal enemies in one shot.
  • The song became immensely popular and was known nationally because of its extensive radio play.
  • He then got immensely attracted by the beauty of the two girls.
  • Though an important book about an immensely important subject, it was and remains a controversial account.
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