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  • Immensee station is considered the starting point of the main line of the Gotthard railway, and official distances to all points south are measured from here.
  • At Giubiasco, the line from Immensee to Chiasso reaches its lowest point of above sea level.
  • In Reinhard's absence, his old schoolfriend Erich has inherited his father's farm at Immensee.
  • He decides to abandon Immensee early next morning, leaving a note behind but Elisabeth surprises him when she anticipates his plan to depart and never come back.
  • The line was operated by the SCB and ran from Rupperswil to Immensee.
  • A few years later Reinhard accepts Erich's invitation to Immensee without Elisabeth and her mother knowing.
  • Because he had been a poor student and had not completed high school, he joined the Swiss Bethlehem Mission (SBM) at Immensee.
  • It also reflects the influence of the German novella Immensee and the 1943 Nazi era film based on it, Immensee.
  • She attended the gymnasium at Immensee, Schwyz and trained as a pianist at Lucerne, California and Rome.
  • As early as 1843 he had made himself known as a lyrical poet of the Romantic School, but it was as a short-story writer that he first took a prominent place in literature, making a most happy debut with the story entitled Immensee. Cited from Immensee, by Theodore W. Storm
  • Immensee was first published in Biernatzki's Volksbuch in December 1849 when the author was well known regionally, but with the revised edition 1851, he became famous all over Germany and then the world.
  • After some argument between the inhabitants of Brunnen and those of Ingenbohl about the location, the station was opened in 1882, when the Gotthardbahn opened the section from Immensee to Bellinzona.
  • Immensee was shot primarily in Holstein, on alternating days with Opfergang, to save money on colour production; Harlan's previous film, Die goldene Stadt, had been very expensive.
  • This line runs from Arth along the western shore to Immensee, where it bears south-west to Lucerne, while from Immensee another railway leads (at first some way from the shore) to Cham, west of Zug.
  • In the frame story, many years have passed, Erich is dead and Elisabeth and Reinhardt, who is now a renowned composer, meet for tea at his hotel after a performance of his Seerosen; at the end of the film, she tells him she will remain true to Erich and to Immensee, and he leaves for the last time.
  • Kussnacht gets us well abroad again, and there is nothing particularly homely about Immensee, Arth-Goldau, Steinen, Schwyz or Brunnen. Cited from Punch, Vol. 159, August 25th, 1920, ed. by Sir Owen Seaman
  • The lake is mostly within the borders of the Canton of Zug, with about at its southern end in the canton Schwyz, while the Canton of Lucerne claims about to the north of Immensee.
  • The additional feeder lines from Lucerne to Immensee, and from Zug to Arth-Goldau were completed in 1887.
  • Opened in 1882, it is owned and operated by the Swiss Federal Railways, and forms part of the Gotthard railway, which links northern Switzerland and Immensee with Chiasso and Italy, via the Gotthard Tunnel.
  • Planned direct connections to Lucerne from Immensee and to Zurich from Arth-Goldau via Thalwil and Zug -- to be partly financed by the Swiss government -- were postponed for financial reasons.