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  • With the forces assembled there, an immense battle will take place.
  • In the twenty-five years after the war, there was an immense expansion in the Canadian economy.
  • He was unable to control it, and feared its immense power.
  • His immense catalog of work has greatly influenced modern studio production and engineering techniques.
  • Filmed in only twenty-three days with a relatively small budget, it became an immense box office success.
  • They both began to spend an immense amount of time with each other, privately and officially.
  • Some have speculated that his immense wealth was obtained through black gold.
  • However, powerful though he was, Speransky did not use his immense influence for personal means.
  • This was a time of immense scientific progress, and numerous ideas were developed in several places simultaneously.
  • The Prime Minister was put under immense pressure to win the colony's independence.
  • However, immense resources are spent merely to restore pre-war conditions.
  • He has exercised immense influence on Turkish literature, from his own day until the present.
  • He left the rest of the immense wealth he had acquired in Spain to his nephew.
  • The attack killed at least 243 people and caused immense damage to the town.
  • This is an immense weight of fire which can be delivered with very high accuracy.
  • An immense riding house was constructed, long, wide, and high.
  • Habitats may be constructed to give an immense total population capacity.
  • The Beatles influence on rock music and popular culture was, and remains, immense.
  • Wilson's impact on this part of theatre alone is immense.
  • He also had one of the greatest forehands in the game and immense speed on the court.
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