immense booty

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  • The summer after King Margad, and Guthorm with him, went out on an expedition against Bretland, where they made immense booty. Cited from Heimskringla [Norwegian Kings], by Snorri Sturlson
  • As soon as they reached their enemy's territory they overran the pastures, and gathered an immense booty in cattle, which Cais divided among his followers. Cited from Oriental Literature, by Anonymous
  • He consented to leave in their hands the rich fruits of their invasion, an immense booty, and what was still more disgraceful, a great number of prisoners of the highest merit and quality. Cited from Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbon V1
  • He fell back towards Poitiers, collecting the troops that were returning to him from all quarters, embarrassed with the immense booty they were dragging in their wake. Cited from A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times, V.1 of 6, by Guizot
  • It is difficult to describe the rapacity with which the American rushes forward to secure the immense booty which fortune proffers to him. Cited from American Institutions, by Alexis de Tocqueville
  • He marched upon Cyzicus and was within a little of surprising it, obtaining from the lands and villas without the walls an immense booty. Cited from The Seven Great Monarchies, Vol 5. (of 7): Persia, by George Rawlinson
  • Drake returns with an immense booty; he takes back the Virginian colonists; they introduce potatoes and tobacco into England. Cited from The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 10 (of 20), by Various
  • This year Hengest and Esc fought with the Welsh, and took immense Booty. Cited from The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Trans. by James Ingram
  • The infidels were totally defeated, with the loss of all their tents, artillery, and baggage, so that the victors obtained an immense booty. Cited from The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.II, by Tobias Smollett
  • The town of Tenes fell into the hands of the brothers, with an immense booty, and then Uruj marched on Tlemcen. Cited from Sea-Wolves of the Mediterranean, by E. Hamilton Currey
  • The two armies were still sometimes so near each other, that Eumenes once had an opportunity of making himself master of the whole of the enemy's baggage, which would have enriched his troops with an immense booty. Cited from Plutarch's Lives Volume III, by Plutarch
  • King Harald plundered in Denmark all that summer, and made immense booty; but he had not any footing in the land that summer in Denmark. Cited from Heimskringla [Norwegian Kings], by Snorri Sturlson
  • The Great King fled before his valor; an immense booty, and the conquest of Mesopotamia, were the immediate fruits of this signal victory. Cited from Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbon V1
  • Six thousand of the invaders, nobles and men-at-arms alike, perished on that fatal day, and the victors fell heir to an immense booty, including seven banners. Cited from Historical Tales, The Romance of Reality, Vol. 9, by Charles Morris
  • The Tartars, elated with their signal victory, and fearful that all Russia might rise for the rescue of its prince, retreated rapidly, carrying with them their captive and immense booty. Cited from The Empire of Russia, by John S. C. Abbott
  • Scipio carried immense booty to Rome, where he celebrated a splendid triumph, and, in imitation of his brother Africanus, added the name Asiaticus to his others. Cited from The Story of Rome, by Arthur Gilman
  • The immense booty, as well as the renown, which Pausanias had acquired at Plataea, had filled him with pride and ambition. Cited from A Smaller History of Greece, by William Smith
  • Like the Dutch Beggars of the Sea its armed privateers preyed upon the commerce of Catholic powers, a mode of warfare from which the city derived immense booty. Cited from The Age of the Reformation, by Preserved Smith
  • Father Marta sends a map of the archipelago, promises immense booty, and assures the governor of the prayers of the religious. Cited from The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Vol. 16, Ed. by Blair and Robertson
  • The immense booty fell all into Drake's hands -- gold, jewels, silver bars -- and got with much ease, as Prince Hal said at Gadshill. Cited from English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century, by James Anthony Froude
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