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  • His personal influence over those who associated with him was immense.
  • The passing time brought immense change to the church, often in negative ways.
  • This was an immense problem and it gave a great deal of trouble.
  • That proved to be of immense help to his later research.
  • She had immense authority and she charged well for her services.
  • However, he died before he could finish this immense project.
  • An immense amount of information about the individuals can be found directly on their social network profile.
  • They just found it impossible to imagine anyone going to the immense effort required.
  • Early attempts failed because of lack of funding for the immense task.
  • Washington's immense popularity made the question of who would be the first president only a technical one.
  • Hamilton is said to have shown immense talent at a very early age.
  • Immense as his terms were, the emperor would have been well advised to grant them.
  • They also note the immense amount of funding that soft drink sales bring to schools.
  • They had simply assumed that no one would go to the immense trouble required for the only attacks they could see.
  • Its head was immense and its tail fifty feet long.
  • Military and government officials exercised immense power and continue to do so.
  • It was an immense performance in a hard fought win.
  • No one who has not seen these fences can realize the immense strength of them.
  • The city has experienced immense growth over the years.
  • Ultimately the board was remembered for plans put on and off hold, and immense controversy.
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