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  • He found the students who had not served in the army to be immature.
  • They can also be found in an immature state in the blood.
  • His death came very suddenly and was a very immature one.
  • Mass production replaced science, although the whole unit was still immature.
  • At this still immature stage, they may form groups or school.
  • They are immature because they're in a children's environment all the time.
  • It has two color states while immature -- white and brown -- both of which have various names.
  • She considers him too immature for her, but can find no way out of the marriage.
  • Call me immature, but I figure there's never enough good sex in the world.
  • He is very immature and has a bad sense of fashion.
  • These show the immature efforts in expression characteristic of English music at the time.
  • The technology is relatively immature, however, and many scientific and engineering questions remain.
  • Immature birds lack the red face and have a yellow bill.
  • Immature birds have dark brownish eyes until around two years of age.
  • This learned skill requires extensive practice by immature birds and takes up to seven years to master.
  • These are thought to be immature birds, or birds without territory.
  • Immature birds are dark brown with a black bill and no white tail tips.
  • They describe him as having an immature personality and lower than normal intellectual capacity.
  • Her family knows that she is emotionally immature but also see her as capable of great things.
  • Immature leaves and flowers are eaten when available, in the early wet season.
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Meaning of immature

  • adjective Characteristic of a lack of maturity
    immature behavior
  • adjective Not yet mature