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  • She heard her brother say this once and she imitates all he does and says. Cited from Seven O'Clock Stories, by Robert Gordon Anderson
  • Every other team in the league immediately began trying to imitate the format.
  • She became popular on account of her ability to imitate the speech of children.
  • Over the years, this unique style has been imitated in many buildings throughout the state.
  • That program, now called remains in place today and has been widely imitated throughout the world.
  • The calls of many other species may be imitated as part of their song.
  • Over the next few months, members were added and members left just like the group they were imitating.
  • Girls' fashion for this time period imitated older women of the same period.
  • An example of social learning theory would be the students imitating the teacher.
  • This style has been imitated in many buildings throughout the state.
  • Martin perfectly imitated her first dance move, and she opened a dance studio.
  • Young girls imitated her hair-do and her manner of speaking.
  • They also imitate a few sounds other than those of wild birds.
  • The women of the tribe immediately imitated her actions with their own children.
  • All the same, the video became a huge success and many artists tried to imitate it.
  • Indeed, his pieces do not generally try to imitate human playing.
  • First, that the student learned to use his voice by imitating the voice of the master. Cited from The Psychology of Singing, by David C. Taylor
  • It makes no attempt to imitate the style or content of the East window.
  • Following this, a boy was killed while imitating the actions performed in the video.
  • It imitates our acts long before it can understand our words. Cited from Youth: Its Education, by G. Stanley Hall
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Meaning of imitate

  • verb Reproduce someone's behavior or looks
    The mime imitated the passers-by, Children often copy their parents or older siblings
  • verb Appear like, as in behavior or appearance
    Life imitate art
  • verb Make a reproduction or copy of