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  • These last two operations may be illustrated by the example of trees.
  • These are short games related to contemporary events designed to illustrate a point.
  • The figure on the right illustrates several important ideas about the level set method.
  • This new term illustrated a changed way of looking at themselves.
  • The animals were not merely illustrated out of an interest in the natural world.
  • The meaning of the law is best illustrated by principal cases on the subject.
  • The novel has been released both as a standard novel and in an illustrated text edition.
  • By way of illustrating this relationship, let us return to our initial example.
  • He has since used his drawing skills to illustrate a number of his own military history books.
  • The music video screen shot illustrates one of the many media the characters appear in.
  • This illustrates how the meaning of this term has been changed in English.
  • During this period each episode would illustrate a dream by a single reader.
  • The example network at the right, below, will be used to illustrate the rules.
  • Following the success of the team, the city gained attention from Sports Illustrated.
  • It's used in an article about the setting to illustrate these features.
  • The figure illustrates the way data models are developed and used today.
  • Book cover fair use argument, for illustrating the article about the book itself.
  • This would become a popular form of entertainment known as the illustrated song, the first step toward music video.
  • He started drawing very early on, inspired by the illustrated stories which he enjoyed reading.
  • The family tree below is an attempt to illustrate them as they stand at the end of the novel.
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Meaning of illustrate

  • verb Depict with an illustration
  • verb Supply with illustrations
    illustrate a book with drawings