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  • Three months after he won legal title, he illegally sold it.
  • Pictures, which he said had illegally sold the television rights to his films.
  • The federal government states that most of the figures are made with illegally obtained wood.
  • Thirty-nine people were arrested after trying illegally to gain access to the plant.
  • Yet many continue to illegally sell them in the black market.
  • He then illegally extended the size of his home to make it bigger.
  • A court fight eventually held that the village was organized illegally.
  • Individuals who attempt to leave the country illegally have also been sentenced to re-education through labor upon their return.
  • They come here, here illegally, they have a baby, and the family gets split up.
  • Illegally, classes with a revolutionary influence were taught for those students who might be ready for them.
  • Due to the large amount of participants at this party, people began to illegally park their cars.
  • The capture of many species has subsequently been banned but the trade continues illegally.
  • However, still many schools have Saturday classes illegally because the parents want their children go to school and study.
  • The resulting video was used as a master to run off very many copies, which were widely sold illegally.
  • Estimates range from a few hundred to a few thousand people for those there illegally at that time.
  • The Indian government claims that Chinese troops continue to illegally enter the area hundreds of times every year.
  • Her husband also helped her by providing ration cards which he had obtained illegally.
  • Many also head to the United States to work illegally.
  • For example, should it be extended to those who arrive illegally?
  • Salt was sold illegally all over the coast of India.
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Meaning of illegally

  • adverb In an illegal manner
    they dumped the waste illegally