Il avait les mots

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  • Info "II avait les mots" is a pop music song recorded by contemporary R&B singer Sheryfa Luna. more...
  • This song is so like the title suggested, the answer to "Il avait les mots".
  • He also participates in the creation of the album Sheryfa Luna component including the title "Il avait les mots" that will quickly become a tube.
  • Cover for Sheryfa Luna's song "Il avait les mots".
  • "Il avait les mots" was written by Dave and Singuila and composed by Singuila and Track Invaders.
  • Then "Il avait les mots" almost didn't stop to drop on the chart, and totalled 11 weeks in the top ten, 21 weeks in the top 50 and 34 weeks in the top 100.
  • In 2008, He takes the music of "Il avait les mots" Sheryfa Luna (which he is the author) to create "Je cherchais les mots - La reponse".