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  • Eventually he became so idiosyncratic that he ran his own church from home.
  • His style is best described as idiosyncratic, and he left no school of followers.
  • However, words in common use outside the scientific community may follow idiosyncratic stress rules.
  • At university level, the distribution is highly non-normal and idiosyncratic to the subject.
  • They tend to be idiosyncratic and are difficult to group together into types.
  • What will they think of his seductive style and idiosyncratic subject matter?
  • It was no merely idiosyncratic experience, for the youth had the same: it was love! Cited from The Flight of the Shadow, by George MacDonald
  • It has been found that some alternative conceptions are very common, although others appear quite idiosyncratic.
  • The idiosyncratic rules of communication tell what type of words and language are to be used when speaking with people.
  • Ocean's music has been characterized by music writers as idiosyncratic in style.
  • Their language became even more idiosyncratic at this time.
  • Even his drum set-up was also highly idiosyncratic: he placed his cymbals behind him.
  • Other times, a specific feature or trait may become the character's idiosyncratic focus.
  • The chapel houses almost thirty works of art, among which are three idiosyncratic sculptures.
  • His idiosyncratic lyrics and style have led some to consider his work outsider music.
  • Some facilities are quite similar to civilian office buildings while others are converted from other military uses and can be quite idiosyncratic.
  • The lake is mostly famous for its idiosyncratic name.
  • However, it has become a cult film due to its low-budget production values and idiosyncratic style.
  • It contains many particular and even idiosyncratic personal views: eclipses are related to political events.
  • Even in his earliest works, he exhibited great talent for drawing and an idiosyncratic style.
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