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  • Each of these ideas have a different theory of state and society relations.
  • Ideas about the nature of law in general were beginning to change.
  • She admitted that she has not yet brought the idea up to the other three members.
  • In modern times the idea developed over decades among many people.
  • Different political parties have different ideas about how the government should handle different problems.
  • One such example is the idea of original sin as a lack of justice.
  • The idea of trying a king was a novel one.
  • Each built on the ideas of those before concerning what those principles might be.
  • Influence indeed spread out from Paris, but few new ideas came in.
  • He held the idea that pleasure is the highest good.
  • The belief was founded on the idea that the dead could only leave through the way they entered.
  • To be sure, this is a good idea, and others notice it.
  • Many people do, however, share a general idea of music.
  • Less frequent ideas include the environment and issues from the world of politics.
  • Major ideas are connected directly to the central concept, and other ideas branch out from those.
  • This idea would later be called the e Process.
  • But it is not known if any experiment based on this idea has been ever achieved.
  • The B-tree uses all of the ideas described above.
  • In both cases, a distinction is made between simple and complex ideas.
  • He saved a man and his son and they gave him the idea of living as a normal person.
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Meaning of idea

  • noun The content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about
    it was not a good idea, the thought never entered my mind
  • noun A personal view
    he has an idea that we don't like him