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  • There is no doubt that this transmission of power hydraulically has been of the greatest possible use. Cited from Scientific American Supplement, No. 312, December 24, 1881, by Various
  • The bridge was powered hydraulically by a power station just to the north.
  • Usually, they are hydraulically formed, but others are free formed.
  • This form of transportation is therefore completely hydraulically driven, requiring no outside energy source.
  • The flight control system was hydraulically operated, having dual systems throughout and no mechanical backup.
  • Features included a hydraulically operated folding soft top and electric windows.
  • Soon after its arrival, the gun was installed on a hydraulically operated disappearing mount.
  • Hydraulically fractured wells are today the source of most of German natural gas production.
  • As the dam was hydraulically filled, construction started on the spillway to its north side.
  • The transmission is hydraulically controlled, and used on front wheel drive vehicles which have a small engine.
  • There was also a speed controller and idle speed step-up device, all hydraulically operated.
  • He also built a foundry in a stone building large enough for four fires and four bellows operated hydraulically.
  • A hydraulically operated mezzanine deck along each side can be raised or lowered according to traffic requirements.
  • It is notable that the second generation system uses engine oil to hydraulically modulate engine valve function.
  • It includes massive hydraulically controlled doors, which open to combine two large-scale interior spaces for public events.
  • The gun was hydraulically worked, but the ammunition parties had to use muscle power.
  • The units had one or two other unusual features including hydraulically driven alternators and cooling fans.
  • The entire load of ash was dumped through two hydraulically operated doors in only a few minutes.
  • The car was evidently seen as rather old-fashioned even at the time, but its front brakes were hydraulically controlled.
  • A significant upgrade appeared in the form of a single hydraulically operated front disc brake.
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Meaning of hydraulically

  • adverb In a hydraulic manner
    the block is then tested hydraulically to its full design test pressure on each stream separately