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  • Finally without looking at her he said in a low husky voice. Cited from The Blood of the Conquerors, by Harvey Fergusson
  • Why, it would have been play to turn down that young husky's. Cited from Burning Daylight, by Jack London
  • There was a smile on his face even if his voice was husky. Cited from David Lannarck, Midget, by George S. Harney
  • The man spoke only two words in a low, husky voice, but each woman heard them. Cited from The Secret of the Storm Country, by Grace Miller White
  • They were both big husky fellows, and they drew up face to face. Cited from The Trail of '98, by Robert W. Service
  • "What is the matter with your father?" she said in a husky voice. Cited from A Girl in Ten Thousand, by L. T. Meade
  • There was a husky note in her voice as she spoke again. Cited from Flaming June, by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  • It had already broken once or twice, and it was very husky toward the last. Cited from The Tangled Threads, by Eleanor H. Porter
  • In later years, he became the first former Husky head coach to also do so in professional football.
  • I'll promise that one big husky will be on the job when you need him. Cited from The Big-Town Round-Up, by William MacLeod Raine
  • These huskies were later able to pull over in three and a half hours.
  • But your voice is husky; I have let you talk too much. Cited from The Confidence-Man, by Herman Melville
  • His voice has a somewhat husky, working class feel to it.
  • Its student body and more specifically, sports teams are known as the Huskies.
  • From that point the Huskies- behind the fine play of their offensive line- took control.
  • Her voice was very husky; but she had got her part well, and she spoke it to me. Cited from The Genius, by Margaret Horton Potter
  • The best man in the social structure is not always the huskiest. Cited from The Forerunner, Volume 1, Charlotte P. Gilman
  • The victory is also the Huskies' second-ever win on the road within the conference.
  • The Huskies are year after year one of the top sport schools in Canada.
  • He was looking ill and worn, and spoke in a low, husky voice. Cited from Garthowen, by Allen Raine
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