Hungarian population

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  • In the beginning of Ottoman administration, local Hungarian population left from this area.
  • During the establishment of Ottoman authority, local Hungarian population left from this region.
  • Over the centuries they were fully assimilated into the Hungarian population.
  • There is also a question whether regional autonomy that would be established right now could prevent decline of Hungarian population in the area.
  • The inter war period was generally marked by a standstill of the Hungarian population.
  • The Soviet Union began a policy of expulsion of the Hungarian population.
  • The age pyramid of the Hungarian population is among the most irregular ones in Europe.
  • The city of Vienna, Austria once included a large Hungarian population.
  • During the expulsions, numerous organized protest demonstrations by the Hungarian population took place.
  • The Hungarian population reached its maximum in 1980, then began to decline.
  • This led to conflict with the other coalition parties, since only three-quarters of the Hungarian population were Catholics.
  • The other part of the Hungarian population that supported new authorities was not only treated well by the new regime, but also participated in administration and army.
  • In this period, South Norwalk was a manufacturing and commercial city with a relatively large Hungarian population.
  • By 1993, half of the Hungarian population had heard of them.
  • Telep is the centre of the city's Hungarian population.
  • Between the 13th and 14th centuries, an important Hungarian population has established in the region and marked the further development of the area.
  • Medieval towns were ruined due to the Ottoman wars, native Hungarian population fled from the area.
  • In 1906 the Hungarian population began resisting the actions of the town police.
  • The semi-nomadic Hungarian population adopted settled life.
  • These losses provoked deep anger and hostility in the remaining Hungarian population.
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