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  • Those close to her and those who have met her say she is humble and very kind.
  • His rise to power was fast despite his having a poor and humble origin.
  • In what direction might she herself now turn for even the humblest friendship? Cited from The Purchase Price, by Emerson Hough
  • He's so humble and he just makes you feel good.
  • The Humble oil fields are still active and have produced over of oil.
  • However, he led a humble and simple life, and treated people with respect.
  • Born in humble circumstances, he rose through the military ranks to become emperor.
  • I should hardly have known him again, so completely was he humbled by his present position. Cited from Life in the Clearings vs. the Bush,Mrs. Moodie
  • In all of my life nothing has humbled and inspired me as this.
  • But I cannot be humbled by any success which may result from your success. Cited from The Butterfly House, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • Take it, and let us be one of you, the humblest among you. Cited from Anthem, by Ayn Rand [Alice Rosenblum]
  • The people of this city are very humble and are hard workers.
  • But humble men keep to English and their own speech still.
  • He often referred to his own humble origins, taking up the causes of poor people.
  • You won't have such another chance of humbling them both -- both! Cited from Evan Harrington by George Meredith, v5
  • He humbled himself before her -- but by that time she would not. Cited from Rest Harrow, By Maurice Hewlett
  • They are humbled to see their old, run-down town coming to a bitter end.
  • Many of them, there is no doubt, had a very humble origin.
  • Three days ago I lost several of my best officers and hundreds of my humblest men.
  • Being in such a big family makes you humble.
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Meaning of humble

  • verb Cause to be unpretentious
    This experience will humble him
  • adjective Marked by meekness or modesty; not arrogant or prideful
    a humble apology, essentially humble...and self-effacing, he achieved the highest formal honors and distinctions"- B.K.Malinowski