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  • In such a time, then, all of us who believe in the spirit must hold high the torch of humanistic culture. Cited from The Soul of Democracy, by Edward Howard Griggs
  • The party describes itself as a "centre right party founded on liberal and humanistic values".
  • Venetian scholars were more interested in scientific knowledge rather than humanistic culture.
  • Another significant strength is that humanistic psychology theory is compatible with other schools of thought.
  • His poetic career over the years demonstrates his humanistic vision from beginning to end.
  • This field served as a foundation for other psychology fields such as humanistic psychology.
  • He shared wide humanistic interests with groups of friends.
  • She received a humanistic education and from early on was fascinated by literature.
  • He considered the analysis of such documents an important part of the humanistic-coefficient method.
  • It is worth noticing that not one of these young men went to Italy for his humanistic education. Cited from The Age of Erasmus, by P. S. Allen
  • It uses an educational model and is considered to be part of humanistic psychology.
  • Later these fields of psychotherapy would become what is known as humanistic psychotherapy today.
  • It was humanistic, and represented the response of man's spirit to that free and beautiful spirit which he found in nature around him. Cited from Among Famous Books, by John Kelman
  • It is during this century that Gothic art was replaced by a more humanistic and Italian-like art.
  • It is a response to both anti-religious humanism and anti-humanistic religion.
  • In the same year, a humanistic class was set.
  • Humanistic psychology theory suits people who see the positive side of humanity and believe in free will.
  • They had humanistic goals and followed the Tridentine reform in their education program.
  • The materials would cover both scientific and humanistic subjects.
  • Now, this experience of conversion is passing out of Christian life and preaching under humanistic influence. Cited from Preaching and Paganism, by Albert Parker Fitch
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Meaning of humanistic

  • adjective Of or pertaining to renaissance humanism
    the humanistic revival of learning