humanistic capitalism

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  • Info Humanistic capitalism is a concept that seeks to marry humanism, specifically the safety and health needs of people and the environment, with an embrace of market forces and a market-based economy.
  • If investors can accept the decrease in financial returns for those on a social level, humanistic capitalism will become a successful force in driving economic and social change.
  • Another key concept of humanistic capitalism, he added, is a democratic economy way based on "cooperation [and] openness" in order to meet the needs of Hawaii's people and environment.
  • JEP Foundation promotes the philosophies of Humanistic Capitalism to create a kinder, gentler economic approach.
  • Muhammad Yunus describes Humanistic Capitalism as a socially conscious business world where investors are content to recoup their investments but do not expect additional dividends.
  • The idea of humanistic capitalism is linked with the idea that fundamental changes must take place in economics today, as humanistic capitalism requires that there be a blending of the non-profit and for-profit sectors.
  • Philanthropy is a fundamental concept to humanistic capitalism.
  • Ira Rohter, a professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Hawaii, promoted Humanistic Capitalism as a way to restore power to the people of Hawaii and their environment.