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  • The ship had started to take on water through a hole in her hull.
  • Following is a list of the events that carried with the hull-loss of the aircraft involved.
  • The plays all had long runs, and took up ten years of Hull's career.
  • She also received significant damage to her hull in drydock after being raised.
  • The hulls are connected by the above-water structure called the platform or above-water bridge.
  • Resistance - resistance towards motion in water primarily caused due to flow of water around the hull.
  • Most of these hulls have been removed from service by the mid-1990s.
  • The chief advantage of the iron hull was its much greater structural strength.
  • He is one of three children from Hull's second marriage.
  • Hull's continues to be the nation's only non-profit drive in.
  • Hull had one goal, and one assist in those five games.
  • Both of Hull's single sex schools get above-average results.
  • In this situation, the ship is said to be hull-down.
  • My personal fortune has gone into the balance, and so has Hull's. Cited from The Titan, by Theodore Dreiser
  • Paper hulls remained popular for nearly a century, until the late 1960s.
  • This extended well past the sides of the lower, more traditionally shaped hull.
  • Hulls was one of the few members of the cabinet without a university degree.
  • Hull's head hit the edge of the doorway as he went down. Cited from Partners of Chance, by Henry Herbert Knibbs
  • There is some trade off between boat speed and stability in choice of hull shape.
  • He now commissioned two further ships, but this time with iron hulls.
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Meaning of hull

  • noun Dry outer covering of a fruit or seed or nut
  • noun Persistent enlarged calyx at base of e.g. a strawberry or raspberry
  • noun United states naval officer who commanded the `constitution' during the war of 1812 and won a series of brilliant victories against the british (1773-1843)
  • noun United states diplomat who did the groundwork for creating the united nations (1871-1955)
  • noun A large fishing port in northeastern england
  • noun The frame or body of ship
  • verb Remove the hulls from
    hull the berries