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  • Eventually it would become the site for the railway station and the main expansion hub.
  • The city also serves as a major hub for the regional highway network.
  • The city became the main hub of the national railway system.
  • The city also has a long history of being a transportation hub for the region.
  • Despite its small population, the village is an important transportation and economic hub for the area.
  • The black box theater and music studio are also hubs of student activity.
  • It is now the hub of the federal administration of the country, despite still being a very small village.
  • The small size of nearby communities make the city a major commercial and industrial hub of the region.
  • The city has also become a hub of the debt collection industry.
  • This area was the hub around which the original settlement developed.
  • It is considered one of the major development hubs in the district.
  • It has become a popular hub for tourist activity in the central city.
  • Besides its educational institutions; it has become a light industrial centre and a railway hub.
  • After the war ended, the city became a major railroad hub and industrial and manufacturing center.
  • Cable was run from each port of the active hubs to a different location no more than away.
  • Those people may be considered the hubs responsible for the small-world phenomenon.
  • As a result it has been gradually developing into a major hub for low-cost air travel within the region.
  • It also serves as a major hub in the Latin American air network.
  • It turns out that the major hubs are closely followed by smaller ones.
  • While other though managed to be international hubs, but has just served in domestic routes so far.
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Meaning of hub

  • noun The central part of a car wheel (or fan or propeller etc) through which the shaft or axle passes
  • noun A center of activity or interest or commerce or transportation; a focal point around which events revolve
    the playground is the hub of parental supervision, the airport is the economic hub of the area