how unerringly

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  • And how unerringly life had put her finger upon that clew! Cited from O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1920, by Various
  • Yet, when he chose, that is when Art bade him, how unerringly he chose the right momentum. Cited from Earthwork Out Of Tuscany, by Maurice Hewlett
  • The blood, oozing down the face of the savage, plainly showed how unerringly true had been the aim. Cited from The Lost Trail, by Edward S. Ellis
  • When I see how unerringly they did select and occupy the eligible places, I think they were moved by a sort of inspiration. Cited from The Complete Writings of Charles Dudley Warner V2
  • It is curious, how unerringly a man pitches upon a spirit, any way akin to his own, even in the most miscellaneous mob. Cited from White Jacket, by Herman Melville
  • How unerringly your practiced brain winnows the wheat from the chaff -- the material from the merely incidental! Cited from The Complete Plays of Gilbert and Sullivan
  • They don't know the date of Magna Charta, or whom John of Gaunt married; but put a practical up-to-date problem before them, and see how unerringly they take the right side. Cited from The Stark Munro Letters, by Arthur Conan Doyle #4
  • And it is curious to observe how unerringly the abbe's thoughts aspire, from no matter what remote and low-lying starting-point, to the loftiest niceties of religion and the high thin atmosphere of ethics. Cited from The Queen Pedauque, by Anatole France
  • He can run almost as swiftly as light, and as softly as a shadow; and in his wildest dash, what a sure judgment he has for the lie of the ground, how unerringly -- and at a moment when a mistake is death -- he selects his cover! Cited from Vanishing Roads and Other Essays, by Richard Le Gallienne
  • Robert was astonished when he brought some tale of trouble to the Hall to observe how swift was the perception of the recluse, and how unerringly he could detect a flaw in a narrative, or lay his finger upon the one point which rang false. Cited from The Doings Of Raffles Haw,bySir Arthur Conan Doyle