House Counsel

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  • Some legal aid organizations serve as outside counsel to small nonprofit organizations that lack in-house counsel.
  • Thompson started his entertainment-industry career as in-house counsel for Capitol Records.
  • She announced plans that she would be stepping down as White House Counsel in mid May.
  • She previously served as in-house counsel for several companies and worked at Duane Morris.
  • Prior to joining the Department of Energy, he served in the Office of White House Counsel.
  • He served as in-house counsel for Wanamaker's department store until 1988.
  • However, Craig was ultimately appointed as White House Counsel in the administration.
  • As in-house counsel for the organization, she was responsible for tax, labor, business, corporate affairs and litigation.
  • During the libel trial he was called "house counsel for the mob."
  • Deputy White House counsel Vince Foster looked into this matter, but did not take any action before his death.
  • Super Conference: A conference for in-house counsel.
  • White House Counsel Greg Craig helped assemble an early list of possible names.
  • This judgment has substantial ramifications for in-house counsel who are not admitted solicitors.
  • Therefore, even conveyancers and corporate in-house counsel must first get a license to practice, though they may actually spend very little of their careers in court.
  • In house counsel at major corporations are emerging as corporate leaders.
  • "Taking some lessons from the top: What in-house counsel can learn from those lost White House e-mails."
  • The Institute also organizes events specifically to enlighten in-house counsel about antitrust-related topics.
  • One of the most unsettled areas of privilege law in Australia is the extent to which advice provided by in-house counsel is protected.
  • After working as in-house counsel, Chakrabarti was appointed director of Liberty in 2003.
  • The legal unit, within the CEO's unit, has in-house counsel and a restorative facilitator.
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