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  • TRAIN also provides webinars on hot-button medical research issues in today's world.
  • Wedge issues are also known as hot button or third rail issues.
  • The status of the Swedish and Russian languages was an hot-button issue.
  • Eminent domain is a hot button issue that has affected the relationship between the government and its citizens.
  • He's not expressing hatred or taking a fast ride on any one hot button.
  • The film was often portrayed as being one among several "hot-button political documentaries" at the festival.
  • Unethical practices in sports are a hot button issue at all times.
  • In his first term, Henry had supported some tax cuts and took centrist positions on many political hot button issues.
  • Basketball is typically the hot-button sport in the America East Conference, though most rivalries bridge across all sports.
  • The effect is observed with issues that activate emotions, such as political "hot button" issues.
  • Immigration was not a hot-button issue in Austria until the 1980s.
  • He turned away from portraiture and instead concentrated on canvases depicting hot-button social and political issues.
  • Assadourian stated that he was staunchly against abortion which was a hot button issue during the campaign.
  • Heavily politicized issues are often called "hot-button issues" because almost any position taken is sure to please one group of people and offend another.
  • Among claims have been that First Take has used hot button racial issues to create inflammatory debates and increase ratings.
  • However, these have also become hot-button issues as there is a debate over whether a citizen truly has the right to education and even more so, to social welfare.
  • The NOJHL is the first league in Canadian Junior A hockey to target either of these hot button issues.
  • Politicians, the hot-button issues in the news, and pop culture are the subjects of the show, presented with a clean sense of humor.
  • For example, the controversy of Facebook and its ownership and rights of user's content has been a hot button issue over the past few years.
  • The congressman presents a strongly pro-union image, while avoiding hot button social issues, which allows him to remain popular and noncontroversial.
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