horse collar

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  • They put on such a large number as to give them almost the appearance of wearing horse collars. Cited from The Khasis, by P. R. T. Gurdon
  • Well, he would try no more grinning or at least no more horse-collars. Cited from Embarrassments, by Henry James
  • It started off making whiplashes, then followed with the production of horse collars.
  • He took a horse collar and scrubbed it until he nearly wore out the leather. Cited from The Quirt, by B.M. Bower
  • You remember, too, no doubt, the story of Coleridge and the horse collar. Cited from At a Winter's Fire, by Bernard Edward J. Capes
  • Field goals and punts are also included, but, players cannot make horse collar tackles.
  • I stuck my head right through it, and it rested around my neck and on my shoulders like a horse collar. Cited from On the Makaloa Mat/Island Tales, Jack London 72-78
  • What would you think about rye for straw for horse collars? Cited from One Thousand Questions in California Agriculture
  • Eighteen miles off a man had some extra hand-cut shingles which he was willing to trade for a horse-collar. Cited from Dust, by Mr. And Mrs. Haldeman-Julius
  • However, the adapted horse collar for camels would not have been common until the 6th century.
  • It is needed less for an animal in a horse collar, as the pull does not pass over the shoulders in the same way.
  • For heavy hauling, the harness must include a horse collar to allow the animal to use its full weight and strength.
  • The business in this case is the matter of their own nest, which they have located in a broken horse-collar in my saddle-house. Cited from Aftermath, by James Lane Allen
  • But now, with victory perched on his horse-collar, success his at last, he thought of the widow, and he did care. Cited from The Best American Humorous Short Stories, by Various
  • The term "open field" means that horse-collar tackles committed near the line of scrimmage will be allowed.
  • The harness used is a light, breastplate type without a horse collar.
  • A horse collar is oval rather than circular and it is by design not very flexible.
  • When we needs a hat we gits inside cornshucks and weave one out, and makes horse collars de same way. Cited from Slave Narratives: Oklahoma Narratives, by Work Projects Administration
  • While oxen were traditionally used as work animals on farms, horses began to be used in greater numbers after the development of the horse collar.
  • The white people in early times made their door mats and horse collars and beds of corn husks. Cited from Stories of American Life and Adventure, by Edward Eggleston
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