Hope Blister

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  • The Hope Blister was an ambient band founded by Ivo Watts-Russell, head of the 4AD Records label.
  • Underarms and Sideways is a 2005 compilation album by the Hope Blister.
  • The double album was the final LP in the project's history, although Ivo used two TMC performers on his next project, The Hope Blister, in 1998.
  • Following the Underarms remix project, a second album of covers with vocals by Momus' Nick Currie had been posited, but Watts-Russell's retirement from the music industry brought The Hope Blister project to an end.
  • Best known for his production work, he also branched out as a musician as one of only two constant members of This Mortal Coil (along with Ivo Watts-Russell), providing keyboards, strings and synthesizer sequencing for the band, and its offshoot, The Hope Blister.
  • As part of the This Mortal Coil collective, Louise's distinctive voice can be heard on the seminal Filigree & Shadow and Blood albums, and as lead vocalist on The Hope Blister's critically acclaimed 1998 Smile's OK album, all of which were released on the 4AD Records recording label.