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  • The theatre at the school has been named in his honour.
  • No more than seven living members can be so honoured at one time.
  • Honours points can never be used for the last point of a game.
  • She died when my mother was nine years old, and I was named in her honour.
  • Students can work towards a first degree at either ordinary or honours level.
  • He accompanied the body to Rome, where he offered games to honour his memory.
  • He was the first foreign national to receive that honour.
  • He was one of several distinguished authors who never received the honour.
  • He was awarded the highest honours then open to British men of science.
  • She graduated with upper second-class honours in her four year degree.
  • Both clubs have won major national and international honours in recent years.
  • It is considered the highest honour given in the industrial chemical industry.
  • Those who did not honour the dead were said to have a poor harvest.
  • Later in life he accepted the offer of being made a Companion of Honour.
  • He has also been given honours and awards by other countries.
  • The boy was named George in honour of Michael's late brother.
  • Two years later the city received the further honour of a lord mayoralty.
  • What honour is there in going to shoot men, certain that they cannot hurt you?
  • She began by appearing at an Irish Voice event in honour of life science.
  • He did not feel that he should be honoured for merely doing what he saw as his job.
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