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  • He took up of land under the homestead act that same year.
  • Many of them had never worked on a farm until they took up their homesteads. Cited from O Pioneers! Willa Cather
  • The plant on the family homestead was built about that time and operated for many years.
  • Two brothers of the family had homesteads across the creek from each other.
  • Any advance made by either party must be over their homesteads. Cited from North America, Vol. 2, by Anthony Trollope
  • All three used to have large operations when the Homestead steel mill was open.
  • Their homesteads were situated on the south side of the present village.
  • By spring they had money to go out on their homesteads. Cited from The Canadian Commonwealth, by Agnes C. Laut
  • Not only did it service the towns but also several homesteads farther up the valley.
  • Often, the homestead consisted of several buildings or structures besides the main house.
  • Perhaps you are homesteading and your well begins to dry up. Cited from Gardening Without Irrigation, By Steve Solomon
  • He is the last person to receive title to land claimed under the Homestead Acts.
  • Gradually, homesteads started to line the road as farmers moved into the area.
  • Benjamin remained at his father's home, and eventually took over the homestead.
  • He holds his family's original Homestead Act claim among other land.
  • Once the railroad gave up the land, it was opened for homesteading.
  • Throughout the 19th century other white settlers came to homestead the land.
  • A few people live on individual small homesteads in the valley; however, it is largely abandoned.
  • The land was quickly homesteaded and proved to be a rich agricultural area.
  • However, it is likely that other homesteads were scattered around the lake shore.
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Synonyms of homestead

Meaning of homestead

  • noun The home and adjacent grounds occupied by a family
  • noun Land acquired from the united states public lands by filing a record and living on and cultivating it under the homestead law
  • noun Dwelling that is usually a farmhouse and adjoining land
  • verb Settle land given by the government and occupy it as a homestead